Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 Great Cigars for the Novice Smoker

When you are just starting cigar smoking you should avoid smoking those especially strong-flavored cigars because you are not yet used to them it may discourage you from enjoying a fine cigar. Below are 5 cigars that are best suited to the novice smoker. This selection is not to strong nor are they so bland that you wouldn't enjoy smoking them and are a nice list of mild to slightly strong cigars.

  • Flor de oliva torpedo

This is a cigar from the Oliva family, who is well-known in the cigar industry for years. This produces a mild to medium mild taste with a dash of sweetness, its medium component is made of Nicaraguan filler.

  • Baccarat Luchadores

The only weakness it has is that you may not taste that rich taste the first time you smoke it. This type of cigar tastes especially well when taken straight from the box rather than out of a humidor.

  • Punch Grand Cru Rubusto

Many smokers of this fine cigar wish that it was longer due to it's good taste. The taste is especially good when it has been stored in the humidor for some months. This is a Honduran cigar well consructed with a nice blend of tobaccos which will be very pleasing for beginner taste buds. A stick may cost you around 3 dollars and 50 cents each.

  • Arturo Fuente Curly head

From the Fuente group of cigars, this type may be a part of the lowest bracket of Fuente cigars when it comes to price at one dollar and fifty cents. This rich hand-made Dominican cigar has mild to mid-mild taste and would be perfect for those who are just starting with cigar smoking.

  • Excalibur number 5

Hoyo Monterrey is the direct seller of this cigar and it is made in Honduras as well. Stick costs 3 dollars and 25 cents. There are different ranges but Excalibur number 5 compared to 1, 2 or three is mild, and very tasty when stored in a humidor.

When you are a beginning cigar smoker don't let it stop you from tasting rich cigars, you have the choice it's all up to you to savor the tastes and learn which varieties are best for you. There are loads of cigars out there in all corners of the world but these are simply the best for beginners.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

How to Select a Fine Cigar

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Rush Limbaugh, David Letterman, Justice Clarence Thomas… these are some of the most recognizable names of our times, names that will be huge in history. All of these men share one similarity with the each other, they are all regular cigar smokers.

Powerful men and cigars what is with this pair? Until recently, there was a prevailing stereotype that only rich men are the ones who smoke cigars. These days, there really is no line that separates the rich men from the not-so-rich men with regard to cigar smoking. Almost any person today can afford a stick or two of their favorite smoke.

There is one thing for certain though, and that is there’s a difference between a premium cigar and cheap cigar. You're going to want determine if that cigar is worth buying. There are certain tips to follow when buying one.

First thing is find your local tobacconist specialty store that carries a large selection of cigars including those of the highest quality and finest tobacco. The store owner will also have the knowledge and expertise to direct to the best of the best.

Only choose cigars of good quality and ensure that it is made of one hundred percent tobacco. Some lower quality cigars can contain non-tobacco components like paper, glycerin or saltpeter.

Visually check that the wrapper is smooth with a slight shine feature and that is free of any blemishes or discoloration.

You don't want a lumpy cigar, so give it a gentle squeeze, it should be resilient enough to hold its shape when you press it. Watch also for hard or soft spots within the cigar as that can be a sign of poor quality and cheap construction.

Take a good smell of the cigar, it should have a deep, rich aroma that you should have no trouble detecting. Cigars that have hard to detect smells may be dry due to age or improper storage, stale, or just of low quality and should be avoided.

Follow these few simple tips when selecting your next premium cigar and you will have a pleasant experience and the best value for your money.